What future features do we have in mind for Comma? Here's what we're planning.

Parameter information for new
Community Complete

For new calls, provide parameter information based on the public attributes that can be initialized.

Improved profiler results display

We have lots of ideas here, and will be delivering them in upcoming releases! We're planning to display allocation statistics, information on JIT-compilation and inlining, a flame graph view of the program, and more!

Smarter type inference
Community Complete

Method auto-completion relies on type inference. We will extend our inference to cover more common patterns and idioms, to provide completion suggestions and navigation to the method in more situations.

CPAN upload
Community Complete

Provide in-IDE support for uploading a module to CPAN, to ease release of modules.

Concurrency bug analysis

Identify and report on common mistakes that might be made when working with Raku concurrency and parallelism features.