What features do we have in mind for Comma? Here's what we're planning.

More completion suggestions
  • Try to infer types and suggest completions for method calls. (We can't do this perfectly for Perl 6. But we'll do what we can!)
  • Suggest modules when typing a use statement - both those in the project, and those on the ecosystem.
  • When calling a multi, show the various candidates that exist.
Dependency Support
  • Detect dependencies on modules that are installed on the system, but not listed in META6.json.
  • Automatically update dependencies in META6.json when coming to have a new dependency.
  • Built-in support for uploading a release to CPAN, for distribution.
Code Navigation
  • Where possible, navigate to method declarations.
  • When an element is declared in a module outside of the project, try to find its code and present it in a read-only view.
Profiler Integration
  • Run the code under the profiler from the IDE and view the report.
  • Indicate hot/costly code based on the profiling data within the editor, both in terms of time and allocations.
Authoring Support
  • Detect and show a much greater range of code problems that would lead to compile errors or warnings.
  • Provide renaming support for variables, subroutines, methods, and types.
  • Provide various automatic refactorings (for example, extract method to role, extract code to private method, etc.)
And more...
  • Better support for working with Cro, including Cro project templates and other conveniences.
  • More advanced debug features.
  • Your idea here! We look forward to hearing what Comma early adopters miss, and adding those to our roadmap!