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The Integrated Development Environment for Raku.

Write and navigate code efficiently. Test. Refactor. Debug. Profile.

Comma Community

A powerful, yet free, Raku IDE.

  • A rich code authoring experience
  • Live code analysis to find problems
  • Integrated test runner and debugger
  • Updates once per quarter
Comma Complete

More tools, more often. For just 120 EUR / year.

  • A wider range of refactoring tools
  • Test coverage reporting
  • Profiling
  • Updates monthly
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Detailed Syntax Highlighting

Comma features a custom lexer/parser engine based on Raku grammars, giving rich, accurate highlighting.


Got something you want to make stand out while editing? Pick your own colors for Raku syntax elements.

Grammar Support

Raku rule/regex syntax is fully supported, and points of implicit whitespace insertion for rules indicated.


Auto-completion suggests lexical variables, attributes, subroutines, private methods, saving typing and typos.


Code is analyzed live, with warnings and errors quickly presented. Some include automatic fixes.


Refactor efficiently. Rename refactorings update each usage, even across multiple source files.

Run Code in the IDE

Run code and see its output with a single keystroke. Set up run configurations with different settings.

Integrated test runner

Run tests and get a visual display of test results. Filter out the passes to get a quick view of the failures.

Built-in graphical debugger

Set breakpoints to understand control flow. Step into, step out of, and step over code.

Explore the stack and variables

See the stacks of all threads, and view the lexicals declared in each one, digging into objects.

Test Coverage

Run tests with coverage collection, and see the results alongside the code and project tree.


Run code with the MoarVM profiler, and view the profile report inside of Comma.

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