Rich Syntax Highlighting

Detailed and Accurate

We've built a custom lexer/parser engine based on Perl 6 grammars, to enable Comma to parse and highlight Perl 6 code accurately.


Got something you want to make stand out while editing? Pick your own colors for Perl 6 syntax elements.

Understand interpolation

Clearly see what will be interpolated and what won't. Place the cursor on a quote to see its matching one. Easily spot unterminated strings.

Use rules confidently

Significant whitespace in rules is highlighted, so you can see where <.ws> calls will be inserted.

Coding Assistance


Auto-completion suggests lexical variables, attributes, subroutines, and private methods, saving typing and typos.


Code is analyzed live, with warnings and errors quickly presented, allowing them to be fixed before the code is even run.

Run Code and Tests

Run Code in the IDE

Run code and see its output with a single keystroke. Set up run configurations with different settings.

Integrated test runner

Run tests and get a visual display of test results. Filter out the passes to get a quick view of the failures.

Interactive Debugging

Built-in graphical debugger

Pause execution to see where things are, or set breakpoints and run until they are hit.

Explore the stack and variables

Explore how flow control reached the current location, and inspect the contents of lexical variables.