Comma Community Comma Complete
Syntax Highlighting
Rich and detailed Perl 6 highlighting
Interpolation highlighting inside quoting constructs
Coverage of regex/grammar syntax
Indication of implicit sigspace in rules
Light and dark themes included
Customization of highlighting themes
Editing Features
Smart indentation, recognizing hash/array literals
Smart-enter to complete common statements
Brace, bracket, and quote matching
AST-based selection (select whole program elements)
Code folding
Code formatting
Move statement up/down
Comment/uncomment code
Spell-checking of comments
Highlighting of uses of variable under cursor
Highlighting of uses of sub under cursor
Authoring Support
Auto-completion of variables in scope
Auto-completion of sub calls
Auto-completion of private method calls
Auto-completion of method calls via. type inference
Auto-completion of rule calls in grammars
Auto-completion of module names in use statements
Indication of a wide range of syntax errors
Warnings of a range of potential problems
Detection of use of undeclared variable
Detection of use of undeclared sub or private method
Automatic stubbing of undeclared private method
Detection of use of module not mentioned in META6.json dependencies
Code Navigation
Jump to a declaration in the current file
Jump to type anywhere in the project
Jump to routine anywhere in the project
Go to declaration from variable usages
Go to declaration from sub and private method calls
Go to declaration from method usages via. type inference
Go to related types (supertypes and subtypes)
Find all usages of a variable
Find all usages of a sub or private method
Find all usages of a regex rule
Text search within the current file and across the project
Back/forward navigation
Automatic META6.json updates on module file create/rename/delete
Automatic update of use statements on module move/rename
Rename refactoring for variables
Rename refactoring for subroutines
Rename refactoring for private methods
Rename refactoring for private grammar rules
Extract expression to variable
Extract expression to sub
Extract statements to sub
Extract expression to method or private method
Extract statements to method or private method
Running and debugging
Run scripts within the IDE and see output
Run tests and view test results graphically
Set breakpoints and run under the debugger
View stack traces of all threads
View lexicals and dig into objects, arrays, and hashes
Summary view of some common built-in types
Step into, step over, step out
Test coverage
Run scripts and tests on MoarVM with coverage collection
Indication of covered lines alongside code
Coverage percentages indicated on project view
Run scripts with the MoarVM profiler
Routine summary, sortable by call count, inclusive and exclusive time
Callee and caller information per routine
IDEA Platform
Version control integration (Git, SVN, Mercurial)
HTML highlighting and editing support
JSON highlighting and editing support
XML highlighting and editing support
Install IDEA platform plugins