The latest Comma Community release is 2022.10.0. Want more frequent updates and more features? Consider buying a Comma Complete subscription.

Comma IDE

The standalone Comma IDE.



MacOS (Intel)

MacOS (Apple Silicon)

Comma IDEA Plugin

The Comma Raku (Perl 6) Plugin for use with other IDEA-platform IDEs, such as JetBrains IntelliJ. The plugin download is cross-platform.


First time with Comma? See the installation instructions.

Changes in this release
  • Support latest Cro template syntax introduced in 0.8.8 release
  • Parse and highlight new Cro template language elsif/else syntax
  • Better handle module name suffixes such as 'auth' or 'ver'; this fixes false negatives of not prompting to install a distribution that is not installed
  • Add Live Template to insert '「 」' string quotes
  • Add a notification saying there are no legacy extensions in the project if the extension updater action was used in such a situation
  • Fix an exception occurring on an attempt to call Surround With between two statement
  • Fix a bug when a distribution metadata editor showed the data in the editor as changed even after clicking "Apply"