The latest Comma Community release is 2022.04.0. Want more frequent updates and more features? Consider buying a Comma Complete subscription.

Comma IDE

The standalone Comma IDE.



MacOS (Intel)

MacOS (Apple Silicon)

Comma IDEA Plugin

The Comma Raku (Perl 6) Plugin for use with other IDEA-platform IDEs, such as JetBrains IntelliJ. The plugin download is cross-platform.


First time with Comma? See the installation instructions.

Changes in this release
  • Comma has been ported to work on Apple Silicon, and from this release on two DMG images will be available for Mac: one for Intel, one for Apple Silicon
  • The grammar preview feature now supports lexically scoped grammars
  • Grammar preview can now be cancelled, offering a better experience in the case one writes rules that fail to terminate
  • The upcoming structured tags syntax in the Cro template language is recognized and appropriatey highlighted by Comma
  • For the Cro template language parse the `<:separator>...</:>` tag and add an annotation that warns about mis-used template separators
  • Make comments with `todo` and `fixme` markers in Raku and the Cro template language files recognized in the TODO tool window
  • Add an annotation to detect and highlight potentially infinite regexes
  • Raku distributions from fez and REA ecosystems are now correctly processed to show up in completion and related features
  • The extensions for new Raku project files now default to modern (post-rename) convention
  • The legacy extensions updater is simpler now. Prior to this release it did not prompt about .t extensions on start, trying to guess mixed Raku/Perl codebases. Test files were prompted to update when the update tool was reached via the Tools menu. Now the logic is unified to always complain about .t files belonging to a Raku project module as obsolete
  • Add a way to set the project's language level in the Project Structure dialog, including optionally setting the `use v6` pragma in newly created project files to match. By default, language level is set to `6.d` and automatic `use v6` is enabled
  • Fix a bug where the Rakudo implementation detail routine `dd` was not recognized. Now external routines marked with the `is implementation-detail` trait are recognized, but annotated as potentially unsafe
  • Fix an occasional exception in the does vs. is annotation
  • Prevent an exception occurring during showing parameter info for a method call
  • Fix a bug where using Replace on completion could replace more tokens than necessary
  • Fix a rare exception related to producing Raku testing run configurations
  • Fix renaming of an attribute with the `&` sigil
  • Fix a bug where an attribute could not be renamed twice in a row
  • Fix a rare bug related to the Usages view