Installing Comma

The standalone IDE


  1. Download the tar file.
  2. Extract it (tar xfz comma-blah.tar.gz)
  3. Change into the extracted directory
  4. Run bin/

Once running Comma, the Tools menu allows for creating a command line runner (for example, in /usr/bin/comma) as well as a launcher/desktop shortcut.

Also see the file Install-Linux-tar.txt for further information.


  1. Download the setup executable.
  2. Run it to install Comma.


In the future, a dmg file will be available. For now:

  1. Install JDK (Java Development Kit) version 8. It must be a JDK8. Newer JDKs, such as JDK 10, will not work.
  2. Download the MacOS zip file
  3. Extract it
  4. Run the application

The plugin

  1. Download the plugin zip file
  2. In IntelliJ, open the Settings (File, then Settings)
  3. Go to the Plugins part of the settings
  4. Click Install plugin from disk...
  5. Locate the zip file and click OK
  6. You will be prompted to restart the IDE. Do so to activate the plugin.