Creating a Comma project

A note on SDKs

When you create or import your first project, you will be asked to select a Raku SDK, which is really just the Raku compiler that you wish to use. The specified Raku compiler will:

If you have a perl6 program in your path then this will be proposed automatically. If not, then navigate to the directory where your perl6 (Linux, MacOS) or perl6.bat (Windows) is located.

Creating a new project

The first time you open Comma, you’ll be presented with the option to create a new project. This can also be found on File menu (under New, Project). Comma currently provides a few basic project templates:

Importing existing Raku code

From the Comma welcome screen, select Import Project. Alternatively, go to the File menu, then New, then Project from existing sources. Select the directory where your module, application, or scripts are found (provided you have one, this is the directory where the META6.json is located).